The Iconic Minis, Legendary Giant Dreamers of the 60s

The 1960s produced many legends. Mini icons that left giant legacies. This was the era of the birth of the Mini Cooper, the Mini Skirt, the new colour tube, the baby bloomers, the man who floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee, the Beatles who crossed Abbey Road, the Chinese farmer who grew new seeds of ideology and rallied the entire nation to march, a new King named Junior who had a dream and a spaceman’s small step that became the biggest leap for mankind.

This is what I love about the 60s – the era when the minis overcome big odds and achieved the impossible big dreams and ambitions. Their legacies, marvels and voices echo to this very day.

Singapore is one of these legendary minis of the 60s. Perhaps being small is one of the key success factors of Singapore. Psychologically, this disadvantage propelled our forefathers to pursue excellence. It made us more hungry, desperate to succeed, stronger sense of unity and more ambitious to prove ourselves that we can’t be easily taken. We were after all a small nation with big dreams.

This is exactly what we need today. No matter how small we are, we must be bold and daring to weave big impossible dreams. Dream like Martin Luther King, leap off like Neil Armstrong, punch like Muhammad Ali and brave tears like Lee Kuan Yew. It takes big passion and deep faith of these mini individuals to achieve big legacies of tomorrow. Let the spirits of the 60s live on today.

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