Sky High Reunion!

Our last separation was the shortest ever – merely 2 weeks apart. It is June vacation and my 2 darlings are back in Hong Kong yesterday afternoon! 30 days of good family-bonding and lots of noise/mess/disruptions/laughters/movies/video-games/hugging/wrestling/home-cooked food!

Right from the moment they dropped their luggages at my tiny apartment, I brought Felicia and Elkan to all their favourite places – Coco Curry at Causeway Bay, window-shopping at Winsor House, toy-hunting at Sham Shu Po, movie at Elements, duck-watching at Harbor City and dinner at Tsui Wah!

It was clear blue sunny sky today. The sun was baking hot. At 36°, it was too hot to go outdoor. Visibility was at its clearest today (and thanks to a timely suggestion by Chowpo), I brought them to ICC’s Sky100 (天際100) Hong Kong Observation Deck. Standing at 492 metres, the ICC (International Commercial Centre) is currently the world’s 4th tallest commercial building. The viewing deck is located on the 100th floor, 393 metres above sea level (and 2 storeys below Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong Hotel).

Since its opening 2 years ago on 17 April 2011, I have no intention to visit this viewing deck. I thought the “free view” at the Hong Kong Peak is much more appealing than this. I was proven wrong today. On a good clear day like today, ICC offers the best – unparalleled 360° city panoramic view of Hong Kong. Entrance fee is quite expensive at HKD168/adult and HKD118/child. We got 10% discount off using my HKID card and making payment through Union Pay card.

Was it worth it? Absolutely yes – provided you come on a clear sunny day and absence of hordes of obstructive tourists. We made a very impromptu visit this afternoon – I arrived at the wrong timing and without my professional lenses. I bet the best view would be at dusk when the sun set in purple-orangish hues and the Hong Kong skyline lit up with beautiful buildings’ lights. Nevertheless, it was a rewarding trip for us. The sun was extremely bright and the sky was superbly clear. A large group of tourists has just left and we had the whole place to ourselves. Hong Kong was stunningly beautiful today. Even the photos on the iPhone turned up picture-perfect. Above all else, I had the best sight-seeing experience at 100th storey high, in fully air-conditioned environment with my dearest loved ones by my side. What a great place to celebrate our June reunion! Enjoy the photos!

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