Riusuke Fukahor’s Gold Fish Art (Hong Kong)

Imagine having a bowl of goldfish without the hassle to maintain it. The water is perpetually clear and there is no need to feed the fish. Yes, such pet exists and it comes with a hefty price tag. If you can afford to pay HKD36,000 for a goldfish, head down to Harbour City today. (Seriously, I almost paid for one until Echo pulled me out of this magical fish gallery!)

Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori is here! His 3D goldfish art is legendary.  I was at his gallery this afternoon and I overheard some old ladies’ funny conversations about the goldfish artworks. “Ai yoo…this artist is so sick. He made a live sample out of this poor living fish!”  I can’t blame their ignorance, his paintings are so amazingly realistic that they are easily mistaken as real fish in resin. No wonder the old ladies walked away in disgust, these are marvellous optical illusions.

Riusuke Fukahor’s works are now on display at Harbour City (Level 2, Gallery), Hong Kong from 18th Oct to 5th Nov 2012. Check out how he painted those realistic fish, watch the youtube video below:

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