Don’t Let Your Loved Ones Wait

Recently, Tracy’s granny passed away. All in sudden. It is never a good feeling to know the passing of your loved one when you are overseas. Tracy has always wanted to go back to Singapore to visit her granny. In fact, she has already booked her air-ticket home 2 weeks before the passing of her granny.

The passing of her granny reminded me so much of the loss of my own granny and uncles. I can understand the kind of sadness, the void, the eternal loss. The irony is we only gather when some one we loved passed away. And when he/she was well and alive, we never find that determination to meet up. Or gather as a family.

Cos’ we think there is always "time to wait" for the next gathering. Don’t we?

My late grandmother used to wait for me by the gate.
Now, my wife is always waiting for me to come home for dinner.
My boy is always waiting for me to come home to play with him.
My mother is always waiting for me to come home to video-call her.
My friends are waiting for me to come home just for a simple kopi chat.
And I am waiting for my dad to come to Hong Kong so I can bring him around.

We all love our families, our friends and our lives. Yet we failed to prioritize our time for our loved ones (till grief comes and knock on our doors?). Recently, I came back to Singapore and had a short gathering with my family and friends. All of them have aged quite a bit, especially my old folks. Perhaps it is time for me to go home and relook about my priorities. If happiness and love are the currency of my life, I am willing to trade everything in exchange for them. That is to find that perfect balance between work and love. Space and time.

I saw this print-ad in a Malacca cafe 2 years ago. Family comes first. And please don’t let your loved ones wait for you. Cos’ time is running out.

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