FaceTime – 3G Video-Calls aren’t new. Forget about the slow 3G video calls cos’ Apple’s new FaceTime provides a simpler and more user-friendly interface than Skype and other jerky video-conferencing handsets. Gone are the days when you need a PC (and many steps) to connect with the world. Video-call with your loved ones is just one button away – as easy as making a normal phone call! Thanks to the new iPhone 4 and high-speed WIFI – it is super-handy and mobile! You can walk around and chat! Plus the video quality & connection is smooth!

Often, I have to sms my sister to get her standby online (via Skype) for our weekly video-calls. If she is not around at home, I have to wait till she is back before I can chat online with my old folks. With FaceTime, I just need to dial my dad’s number and we can see and hear each other on our own screen. It is so convenient and free!

Best of all, it is (temporary) available via WIFI network at this moment – meaning my wife/boss/clients can’t FaceTime me when I am "WIFI-LESS" at the pubs or bars. Enjoy while it lasts! (My wife is getting mad about Mac…cos her hubby is becoming an Apple Salesman now!)

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