Hyper-Activation Day!

We had our first “Action-Day” yesterday. It was our first team-bonding session to kickstart next year’s creative goals. 2012 has been an awfully hectic year for many of us. With more new young faces (Hoyan, Clara, Tommy and Crystal) joining our team, we picked an unusual conference venue – on a boat!

The weather was fantastic! No typhoon or smog, it was all sunny and clear blue sky. What a great way to mix work and play! On second thought, I might prefer the more cozy air-conditioned 5-star hotel conference room. I have no idea that it was so physical-demanding. (Honestly, I thought it was simply hot bikinis, yummy BBQ food and napping on a hammock!) First stop – the “Leap of Faith“. While leaping off the 3m tall deck, I landed terribly on my big tummy. No tsunami waves but I suffered a painful water slap on my chest. I heard roaring laughters louder than the ocean! (Terrible colleagues!) Next, the 400m swim to and fro the beach nearly killed me. Guess my lazy bones couldn’t take this kind of “hard work”.

Nevertheless, I saw many “courageous” and unusual acts by my colleagues. Valerie took a dip into the water – despite not knowing how to swim! David and Mayee leapt off the deck despite their “height phobia”. Tracy, Kurt and Kelly struggled to keep their balance in their first wake-boarding trials. Harry impressed the girls with his suave wake-boarding moves. Tai-tai Chowpo maintained her stylish look despite all those hard physical workouts. New Tommy boy and hot “mama” Clara bonded well with the team. And Harshad sunk the banana boat and conquered the demons inside his heart. All is well!

It was an extraordinary day for all of us – burnt bodies, aching muscles, laughters and tears! It wasn’t the food or the boat that made this day special. It was the strong bonding of this team and the things we did together that made this day special. Most of us returned to office today with aching bodies (back, neck, shoulder, head…) For once, we arrived early and no one is complaining. Time to get the head cracking for creative concepts. Enjoy the photos.

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