Lost and Recover – AR Drone 2.0 Over Sea (Hong Kong)

Footage taken by AR Drone 2.0 HD Camera
– I was on the boat, flying the drone about 20m over the sea. The wind was pretty strong. In less than 1 min (about 50m away from me), I lost total control of the drone. Good thing that the drone hovered steadily over the water. However, the wind blew the drone further and further away from the boat, towards the trees. To conserve battery life, I disconnected the camera recording. It was difficult to reconnect to the drone unless I get boat to sail closer to the drone (which is quite impossible). After a few minutes, I lost total visibility of the drone.  It was hovering within the thick vegetations. I thought I lost the drone forever.

Miracle happened! After about 2 minutes of lost connection, the signal came back and the drone was up in the sky! I managed to land the drone on the beach 150m away. My colleague and I have to swim to the beach to recover the drone. Amazing recovery!!! My good old drone cheated its 2nd watery death.

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