Back to Panda City

August – it was an extraordinary hectic but rewarding month. We made 3 trips to Chengdu for a “dream project” with some very talented and legendary masters! At the end of the project, I had developed such a strong attachment with the place and the people. It is a truly enjoyable experience and I am very thankful to accomplish the “almost-impossible” with my dream team. I will miss all these for sure!

To reward the ladies for their hard work, I brought both Chowpo and Tracy to Chengdu’s most popular attraction – the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (成都大熊猫繁育研究基地). Covering a large area of 92 acres (about 90 football fields), the site houses over 100 giant and baby pandas. This place is huge and the best time to visit the park would be in the morning when the pandas will be out to roam and feed. We were there at the wrong time when all the pandas were sleeping inside the enclosures. No wonder there weren’t many tourists queuing at the enclosures. It was the wrong season (too hot and humid) and time to visit the pandas.

We didn’t spend much time at the attraction. The 2 girls were complaining and whining. I couldn’t blame them, there was nothing but pandas and more pandas. Of course, every panda looks the same. At every enclosure, we saw fat lazy pandas sleeping and rolling on the floor. The only time when we got excited was when we saw the panda babies. The discovery we made? Baby pandas do have long tails and they are irresistible adorable!

Another checkbox ticked. Enough of Sichuan hotpot and cute pandas, time to head back to Hong Kong!

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