Action at Phuket (Part II – Updated)

We are indeed the Masters of Tastes. On our last day in Phuket, every one graduated with a “Master Chef” certificate at the famous Blue Elephant Mansion. It was a challenging task. Each team has to cook 3 popular Thai Dishes within 60 minutes! I was very amazed by the outcome of the results! All the teams’ dishes looked very impressive and tasted surprisingly good! Superb teamwork and skills! My team won the “Best Team” Award! The judges were pretty impressed by some of the dishes. Maybe some of us can seriously consider a career-change.  (Scroll down to see the winners of Action Phuket 2011 Awards!)

After 3 days of tough competition, here are the
Winners of Action Phuket 2011:

Best Team for “Island Challenge”:  Mike, Harshad, Kurt, Kelly, Paul and Dorothy
Best Team for “Master Chef”:
David, Joe, Chowpo, Phylis, Stephanie and Ricky
Most Courageous Award: Tracy Bay
Most Determined Award: Chow Po
Best Team Player Award: Paul Ho
Best Entertainer Award: Harshad
Best Master Chef Dish: Valerie and Wing
Special Apple Award:

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