Lucky Boy 7

This is a very special birthday for Elkan. This is his first birthday celebration in Singapore since 2006. My boy was only 3 when he traveled with me from 2007-2010. It is good to have his grandparents, cousins and friends at home celebrating his Lucky 7.  Bet it was the first time Qiqi celebrated Elkan’s birthday too. And many thanks to all my Singapore buddies and families (Lionnel, Joey, Kalinda, Karen, Duuk, Juliana, Jovel, James, Auntie Amy, Hong Fei and Sherry) who took time off  (and many sacrifices) to attend his party. From his tone that night, he had a great birthday! Wish I was there too.


BLOG BY FELICIA (17th Oct 2011)

2 weeks ago, I asked Elkan what he would like to do on his birthday. He said he wanted a karaoke singing session like he had last year. But without his Hong Kong Buddies (Uncle Harshad and Auntie Bay Bay), there’s less crazy fun. Considering the number of kids who came, as young as 4 1/2 months to 7 years old, it should be a more “child-friendly event”. So we had BBQ at Costa Sands Chalet instead!

It was another steaming hot party after our last Eunos gathering. The aircon wasn’t cool enough and there were more than 6-7 BBQ pits near us. That’s quite a lot of heat all burning at the same time! Thanks to my family-in-law, they helped me to cook all the food. We were very well-fed! Burrp….. Cake cutting was quite a challenge! Fortunately, we have strong uncles to help cut up the frozen ice cream cake. Uncle Lionnel tried to saw the cake with a small knife while Uncle Duuk chop chop with a chopper!!

With kids running, screaming and crying, it kept the parents really busy. We’ll need extra help in the future gatherings. Parents were quite exhausted chasing kids around. Uncle Gareth, must bring your rotan lah. Thank you all our guests who came to join us on Sunday evening despite their tight study and work schedules. And thank you for all the nice presents too! Elkan’s wish list fulfilled! What a lucky-seven year old boy!

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