Kallang Roar in HK

We were eating MOS Burger at MEGABOX this afternoon when we heard the familiar roar "Go! Singapore! Go!" Out of curiosity, we dashed out and watched an ice-hockey match between Singapore and Beijing. Sitting on our left was a group of Chinese and Hong Kongers and on our right was a group of Singapore Ang Mohs. They were yelling and cheering for Singapore. It was an exciting (and a very evenly matched) match between 2 groups of Under-12s. The atmosphere was fantastic and the mood was very high! Harshad (my Indian colleague), Hong Fei (my Malaysian colleague) and I found ourselves cheering for Singapore! (Urghh… I should bring out my air-horn and those infamous Hokkien/Malay slogans!)

The final score – 5-3. The young lions thrashed the Chinese flat! It has been quite a while since I last cheered for Singapore sport. Except this time, I am not at the old Kallang Stadium… I was cheering in a Hong Kong shopping mall, doing the Kallang Roar with a bunch of Singaporean Ang Mohs…. . So incredible! The Singapore Fever is here again!

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