Labourless Weekend

I have been absent from my blog for the past 2 weeks. (This morning, Cousin Yei sms me and asked if I was busy). I have been really busy and sick…Not the swine flu – but there was a strange "diarrhoea virus" in my household. It all started with me – I had 3 days of extreme diarrhoea and doctor said it could be the bad Yakult that I drank. There were a lot of bad bateria in my tummy – it was so bad that I went to the loo at least 20 times in one night! Then, this virus hopped around the family – right after me, Felicia and Tracy had the same shit. (Elkan? He is lucky this time!)… I didn’t know diarrhoea can be air-borned.

Finally a long weekend – thanks to "Labourless Day" – I am free to take the family and friends out! (Tracy flew out last night to Taipei for a short weekend holiday!) This morning, I brought Hong Fei and family and Harshad to the Hong Kong Park – to test out our very poisonous photography hobby! (And we bumped into my client, Kenneth!) Later in the afternoon, we went to Megabox (and we bumped into another client, Auntie Sandy!) Haaa.. what an odd coincidence!

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