Swine Flu Scare

Swine Flu is finally officially in Hong Kong. 3 days ago, all the face-masks were sold out. And last night, we all received an sms from Smartone Vodafone – "the government has upgrade the warning to Emergency". Today, we saw a big difference outside. You can tell the local are taking good precaution. Many people on the streets, in the trains are all wearing face-masks. (In HK, the people who wear face-mask belongs to 4 groups of people – Those who are protesting. Or those who are sick. Or those who want to protect themselves. Or those who are going to Court.) Even the taxis are operating with half-opened windows. The lifts in my estate are sanitised twice an hour!

Apr-Jun has always been a lousy period! SARS happened during this period. And last year this time, we had the big Myanmar hurricane and the Sichuan earthquake. Let’s hope this Pig Flu is a small crisis. For once, Mexican Wave is not welcome anywhere else. Imagine you have the bird flu, the sars and swine flu all active at the same time!

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