Chasing Aurora Borealis – Part 5 – Christmas Eve, Stockholm

Our 9-day Sweden adventure was coming to an end. On our last day in Stockholm, I got all of us an unusual and special accommodation – on a boat hotel, Rygerfjord. We had a very big 6-bedder cabin at the lower deck of the boat with our own private shower rooms and toilet.

It was another “first-in-life” experience for all of us. Tracy was dumbfounded when she first saw the dark, narrow, small and steep metal ladders to our cabin and she yelled, “where is our hotel room?” Elkan was thrilled with his new imaginative world. It was like living on a battleship with all the ladders and portholes. It wasn’t too fun for Harshad as he had difficulty manoeuvring in the small tight toilet. For me, I had a backbreaking time trying to move our trolleys up and down the narrow ladders.

We spent a quiet Christmas Eve in Stockholm. The sky was grey and it was drizzling the whole day. The streets were exceptionally quiet and many shops were closing early. Many people were down at the shopping malls grabbing their last-minute Christmas gifts. It can be quite a lonely place if you are alone. Everyone’s running home for his or her Christmas Eve dinner.

We spent our day shopping and dining at Stockholm Central. Thanks to Scott’s brother-in-law, Kace, he recommended a very famous and good fish-&-chips restaurant (Lisa Elmqvist) at Saluhall not far away from our boat. It was very crowded with locals and it was worth the effort to come all the way here for the fish! Simply fresh and tasty! One of the best I had so far!

By nightfall, we returned to our boat hotel to pick up our luggage bags. There, we had our little Christmas Eve dinner before we headed off to the airport. The weather wasn’t looking very good. Friends from Singapore and Hong Kong sent travel warnings and regards to me. A big storm was brewing in London tonight. Next stop: Christmas Weekend in United Kingdom – London and Edinburgh!

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