Good Easter Weekend

It has been almost 10 years since I last slept over at a chalet at Changi.
Thanks to our "Couple of the Year" – Duuk booked this beautiful chalet at Changi beach. Guess what, I must admit that this is one of the most beautiful seaside chalet that I have ever been in Singapore. The chalet is just located along the seashore. Lovely!

It doesn’t feel like a local vacation….Joanne and I felt like coming back from an oversea trip. The surrounding is so foreign and calm… It is a great place to chill out and relax. Honestly, I thought 2 days would be good. As usual, we have a good crowd of friends – except this round, we kinda have 3 seperate cliques – "BLUE", "Ex-VOXmedia" and "Wahbiang". (Poor guys at BLUE, they were the "Official BBQ Workers" for the night"…For once, the Wahbiang people need not to bother with the dirty tasks)

Lucky for both Felicia and myself – we kinda have a whole bedroom to ourselves. (See, this is the kind of special "VIP" treatment when you bring a baby around). We have the privacy, a nice air-con bedroom and lots of space to unload our barang barang. And when I woke up this morning at 8am, I am surrounded (not only my baby and wife)… I found myself sleeping with 3 other pretty ladies in the same bedroom with me. I bet Yixi is green with envy again.
No fancy programs – just chatting, BBQing, late-night mahjong (when Charlie became the sole winner), Tracy obsessed with her PSP (who dropped in at 12am), cake-cutting for Gareth, sexy Bettina in low cut, an almost-dued Karen, fatter Jimmy and "Ms Universe’s Fans – BLUE people".

In short, it is a good break for me…. and a great time to catch up with some old faces. For those who can’t join us – Jasbir, Nadirah, Doreen, Hovman, Francis Goh, Mannc, Lucia, Yixi and Meijie – I am leaving you guys some nice shots.. Enjoy!

3 Responses to Good Easter Weekend

  1. Big says:

    Yah Yixi.. You are damn funny.. I thought you are joining me in Shanghai – on the same bed.. remember? Haaaa…. It is kinda sad to wake up in Shanghai alone with 3 pretty stranger girls around me.

  2. M says:

    Wah…miss all the fun..hmm..

    "Gabriel, the messenger!"

  3. Unknown says:

    Ya right.. As long as you don’t wake up with 3 strangers in Shang City….

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