A Very Twisted and Mind-Blowing Birthday Gift

This is just so ridiculous, outrageous and twisted! I swear I never saw that coming, especially after last year’s notorious “harassment” case! Instead of giving me something more pleasurable and safe, my colleagues teased me with a very special gift that I cannot bring home! Seriously???? You could have top up some more dollars to get me one with Artificial Intelligence!

Meet “Joey” – my new inflatable action-figure-heroine! She is very very flexible and semi-transparent! Best of all, she is super light…We are talking about really Air light! My mum nearly got a heart-attack when I showed her Joey. Still, I am not going to discriminate my colleagues for their sincere gesture. I have already a list of ideas how I am going to make Joey useful:

1) Mid Autumn Festival Light-Up Lantern (I certainly need a long bamboo to hoist her up!)
2) Life-Saving Float for the next flood
3) Sex Education Tool for my boy when he turns 18 (mum just violently disapproved)
4) BB Gun Target
5) Leg-rest for the living room floor
6) Flying Drone Girl – with Gopro camera
7) Stand-In queue marker for the next iPhone 6 release
8) Convert her to the world’s first SIRI 3D
9) Scarecrow at open-air food court to chase those annoying birds away
10) Forget all the above – I am going to pass it to Harshad the next time he is super-drunk!

Thanks guys for the lovely “Playboy” cake and the very special QR-coded eCard! (Yes, it is a working QR-Code, just scan and you will see the e-Card). And a very “big thank you” to Chowpo for the touching birthday speech and the extraordinary Lego Portrait! I had a very “sexed-up” birthday celebration! Other than that, Joey is a big responsibility for me now. Really “超级白” to all!

Not forgetting I do get slightly “normal unique” gifts too! Thanks for all the messages and wishes posted on Facebook and Wechat! Thanks my sister Jovel, Tracy, Felicia and Kalinda for all your lovely and very special gifts!

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