The Tale of a Lost Umbrella

Things often happened for a reason.
And that reason is able to spin off a series of events that lead to a final conclusion. It is strange how things unfold within your eyes. Here is a tale of a lost umbrella:
Twist 1: Dinner at Eunos
I had orginally wanted to host this year CNY at my favourite chinese foodchain, Jumbo. But due to location and convenience, we decided to book our CNY dinner near my house this year.
Twist 2: The Evening Rain
It was raining last eveing and I had 2 umbrellas with me. When I arrived at the coffee shop, I was given a table beside a pillar. I decided to lean my 2 umbrellas on the pillar behind my seat.
Twist 3: When Felicia Arrived…
Felicia was late for the dinner. When she arrived, she noticed a white umbrella hanging on the pillar above me. She was observing it for a while and she suddenly asked me if that white umbrella looks familiar. I told her no.  I told her that the 2 umbrellas below are from our house.
Twist 4: Playing Ping Pong
Dinner ended at 8:30pm. My family went home. As it was still early, I decided to get Meijie to play table-tennis with me (Oh yes, that has just became my 3-minute hobby now). He came at 11pm and we went for our table-tennis session. Man, he was damn good… after winning me 5 matches in a row, he decided to play without his glasses. How insulting he can be!!!
Twist 5: After the Game…
By 12:30am, I was dead-beaten and sweaty. Needed some 100-Plus, we decided to walk to the Eunos coffee shop for a drink.
Twist 6: Meijie asked…
When we reached the coffee shop, Meijie suddenly remember that he had lost an umbrella at the very same coffee shop 1 week ago. (Last Sat, Meijie, Kalinda and me were having supper at that coffee shop. He left, forgetting his umbrella. )
At that moment, I suddenly recalled what Feli has mentioned earlier. I walked to that pillar, took down the white umbrella and walked back to Meijie. "Is this your umbrella?" I asked. 
Looking at that umbrella in my hand, he exclaimed  "Hey, how come my umbrella is here?"
How Fate Unfolds itself
It is so common to leave your umbrella behind… in a cinema, in a cafe, on a cab, in a friend’s house etc. Most of the time, we never find it back.
Looking at how Meijie "reunites" with his favourite japanese umbrella, I just couldn’t smile but amazed with the events leading to that reunion. It took about 6 twists of fateful events for the right people to appear at the right place, asking for the right things. How rare…and fateful. (Who could left the umbrella there for 1 week, untouched, waiting for events to unfold…leading it back its rightful owner?)
By the time I reached home last night (after the game and drinks), it was 3am. I remember we shot some family photos at the reunion dinner earlier. Perhaps there is one that captured Meijie’s lost umbrella, i thought.
Yes, after browsing the 50-over of digital shots, I found the photo that has that "fateful" umbrella. (See below) The people you see in the photograph are my cousin, aunt and uncle. (That picture was taken at 7pm. The umbrella behind was left untouched until 1am)
I wonder if there is a spirit residing inside the umbrella.  Perhaps her name is Xiao Qian.

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