Bloody Wild Birthday Party

This is the weekend party that I can’t afford to miss – 2 birthday parties in fact! One for Elkan (17th Oct) and the other for my dear friend Hong Fei (18th Oct)! Since their birthdays are only 1 day apart, we decided to start celebrating from 10pm 17th Oct to next morning 18th Oct 6am!  Now, that is indeed challenging! (Originally, I wanted to bring the whole gang to Shenzhen for a hot, sleazy karaoke bash for the 2 birthday boys! But I guess their mothers won’t be too please about my cool concept). Anyway, we certainly had a superb 8-hour of fun! I couldn’t last out as long as them – I knocked myself at 4-5am into my own symphony (of course, that turned off the gang and they decided to call off the party at about 6am).

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