On the 1st Day of Chinese New Year

Lastly, it seems that this year will be a very good year for
Wahbiang Clan. Inspired by Yifu, here’s what the lucky stars say:
It is a good time to "Low" hei
(Yu-Sheng) with your friends. You will have lots of "hock" plus "cai".
That is why this year, you find yourself super "heng".
Go buy 4D or Toto, sure "teo" "bay" Pio!

For career and business, it
will be a path of "goh" for you this year.
Everything will be smooth and Ma Dao Gong "Chen".
For relationship, things are looking very promising and "ming liang".  Expect to receive bigger "Ang" "Bao" from your
loved ones and bosses this year. It is indeed a good "lian".


The few things we did while we are "guarding the longevity" of our

1) Joanne and Ramesh came. They took my XBox and Games.
2) Jimmy came. He took my DVD.
3) Tracy came. She took my pet turtle.
4) Meijie came. He took a nap.
5) For me. I took digital pictures of our ping pong matches.

2 Responses to On the 1st Day of Chinese New Year

  1. Big says:

    Hopefully, our friends catch the joke. 🙂  Going to Muar soon…in 3 hours

  2. Xiaowei says:

    wow! Amazing link u did wif the names…may u also ve a "cai" yuan gun gun year, get a good "cai" tou and give birth to another little "cai" zi soon!

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