My 100th Visitors!

2nd July 2010 is a very very very special day for
First, it marked my 2nd Anniversary in Hong Kong! (And on
this 730th day, I completed my bond! Yes, I am a free man
now!) What’s more, I received my 100th HK Visitors today!!! Best of all, my 100th Visitors are my best pals from Singapore – Duuk, Juliana, Zach
and Kalinda! (yes…they are the members
of the Wahbiang Clan!) Since Joanne Ang (my 1st Visitor back in 2008 July),
I have been wondering who and how long will it take me to receive my 100th Visitor… I am so glad that
it is this group of friends who crossed this significant number! What a perfect number and timing to celebrate my freedom and stay in Hong Kong! And not to mention the perfect clear sky we have in Hong Kong today! Fate is just so magical!

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