Guangzhou 2010 – Dressing up for the Asian Games

Guangzhou is literally turning green, dressing up for the big show. Come Nov 12th, Guangzhou will host the 16th Asian Games. Big international events really "force" the Chinese government to clean up their messy host cities. Just look at Beijing 2008 and Shanghai World Expo 2010 – Not only the government got rid of the ugly and messy sign-boards, they also cleaned up the vices off the streets. Overnight, a rouge city was transformed into a tidy modern metropolis. (You see new monuments / bridges, more trees / parks, new airport terminal, better public transit, wider and cleaner roads, hornless drivers, friendlier hotel service etc). Just hope the Chinese government continues to maintain these standards for her people and not not just doing this for the "show".

(Photo Taken: The Canton Tower, Guangzhou – Standing at 610m tall, this will be the WORLD’S TALLEST TV TOWER. Designed by the Dutch architects Mark Hemel and Barbara Kuit, the Canton Tower is expected to be completed before the Asian Games. Taller than Taipei 101, this will be amongst the top 10 tallest man-made structure of the world. The main attraction of this tower is its WORLD’S HIGHEST FERRIS WHEEL (yes, we Singapore has the World’s Largest Ferris Wheel but the China is aiming for the world’s highest). According to its website, a ride on the transparent cabin will take approximately 30 minutes, making a full circle around around the tower where one can enjoy full panoramic views over the metropolis of Guangzhou. Isn’t this a "Merry Go-Round?" For more information about this new landmark, please click here:

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