The debut of “CHubby Joe” Comic-Strip

Just got my new cartoon mascot "Chubby Joe" 2 days ago…and I am getting so excited about it. As usual, I am thinking of doing wild things with "it"… (too bad, I dun have any Barbie Dolls to play with "Chubby").
Why "Chubby Joe"? I dun know…I dun think I am chubby at all… Tracy did the illustration and got the maker to produce this one-and-only doll. Except for the tummy, everything on it is so "Joe" – The famous blue-tint glasses, the left mole on my brow, my corporate attire and my spikey hairdo.. The body shape is surely funny…too fat, you know… Okay, must show you guys my 6 packs one day.

So, what should I do with "Chubby"…? No no no… not for Elkan… he will tear it apart.. Not for Joanne either, she will turn it into a voodoo doll. Not for Tracy too…she will soak him in water "accidentally" – worst, red wine.
For Felicia? Er… no… She will put "Chubby"  under her blouse everyday…Haaaa.. Not for Kalinda too.. she will make "Chubby" go nude-tanning with her!  

I think I will make "Chubby" a super blogstar! Call it the 1st star in BloggyWood. So, here is his debut comic strips…enjoy!  (Please give me some comments!)

3 Responses to The debut of “CHubby Joe” Comic-Strip

  1. Francis says:

    This Cool….Hahaha

  2. Big says:

    Haaa.. DiRah! Yesss.. you just give me some naughty ideas.. I will get my CHubby Joe to "wet" our dear Ms BAY! Haaaa

  3. Swoosh says:

    wah so COOL to have a doll of urself…!!!!!! The comic is cool too but hor joe…cld b funnier hahah like how u abuse ur 2 lovely gals at work.
    Other than that still SO freaking COOL…shd have produced more…place one at work, one at home and one for spare that way they wont miss you so much…hahah

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