5th May – It is Official

The official date has just been confirmed. Come 5th May 2006, I will be flying off to Shanghai for my new attachment.
Many have came to ask me so many questions – why the quick and firm decision to go. I am 100% sure about the potential of this move. But I just not 100% sure about the impact I caused due to my sole decision. Honestly, it took me less than 24 hours to make that decision to go. It isn’t a very difficult decision to make. Shanghai is certanly "the place" to be in – China has been opening and growing since mid-1990s. In fact, I would like to be there to witness China’s golden era of economic thrusts. From now till 2010, there are so many things to witness and learn.
What’s difficult is leaving my attachments behind… my fellowship at Caffeine Group, my lovely 2 girls, my cozy home, my pet Jaja, my parents, my Wahbiang friends and most importantly, bobo and elkan. The last 2 weeks were bad and heavy-hearted for me. I began to feel the impact of the new reality. The changes around me were emotionally drastic.  I never know my sole decision can affect so many things around me.
Will I look back and undo my decision? No, I am 100% sure of that. Is it worth to leave all these attachments behind for a personal gain? Not at all, it is a totally selfish act. Is it for fame, money or status? None of the 3 – I just need an adventure. To explore my limits. Nothing else.
Like a pebble hitting still water, I started seeing the ripple-effects. So many questions on my head… I really have no idea how to face them or answer them. Things in office and my personal life are moving too fast. I have no time to ponder and procrastinate. Just want to go along with the flow (of the new events) and let the answers surface themselves.
Did I leave a mess behind? NO, I left a legacy.  In fact, I had everything perfectly in place before my departure. My business, my family…they are all in place.
So, the next questions are "how long" and "how far"? These are the only 2 questions I am very eager to find out. Certainly not "how much" and "how to".  
Will there ever be regret? Yes….. if I leave Elkan behind.

3 Responses to 5th May – It is Official

  1. Unknown says:

    Hi Joe, congratulations on the move though I’m not quite sure what is it for. But do hope it is for the best. Do keep in touch.

  2. Swoosh says:

    Hey !
    Congrats on the new  move…or upcoming move. All the best Joe, may the force always be with you. Once the heart n mind is set on it..go for it as tough as it is to deal. whose to say wat tommorrow will bring, probably worst living with the "wat ifs" .Just do it…hehe

  3. Joanne says:

    Each one of us go through difficult times in life. The road may be very long and rough… but it becomes shorter & easier to walk on when you have lots of love & support of good friends.
    Many people will walk in and out of your life but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. Your friendship means so much to me. You made me laugh when I wanted to cry…  You pull me out of my confusion and doubt and provide me with an answer always. You never know how much I’ve come to depend on you for all the little things in life. It’s just so hard to watch you go.
    The times may seem sad and gloomy now but i know you have it in you to make it to brighter days. Go and make it happen. Do us proud and continue to inspire us in life. Don’t worry about caffeine as your 2 lovely gals will continue to run the show and do it better. 😉

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