A 2nd Visit to Shanghai

When I left Shanghai 2 weeks ago…Echo’s mother was telling me to come back soon – cos she can then bring me to the outskirt of Shanghai for some real sight-seeing. She never expected me to be back so soon… I came back to Shanghai exactly 17 days later – to many ones’ surprise.

Joanne and I took this lonely (and last-minute) trip to Shanghai last Sat. Things are really moving very fast for me this season. Since Jan, there have been many major developments – My design agency has just broken a couple of "peaks" – in terms of sales, port folio and business partnerships. Before we can cope with the new demands, I was invited to Shanghai (48-hour notice) for another "big move". So, here am I, in Summit Apartments, typing this blog.
Unlike the last Shanghai trip, my schedule was crazily packed this time – I didn’t even have the time to do daily travel-blog or senseless shopping. Poor Joanne and Echo, I have to leave them alone for 2 days while I got busy with my own stuffs.. I feel bad for Joanne cos’ this is her first trip to Shanghai and I hardly have the time to show her around… (Nevermind, the cold weather took care of her mood. She just enjoy seeing "smoke" coming out of her mouth!)

Nevertheless, this is a very special trip for me. Cos’ this may be the trip when I am going to make the turning point of my life. (For those who are really close to me, you will understand what I am saying here.) In the next 1-2 weeks, I will be planning a new extension of my path.
For Joanne, she fell in love with Shanghai. For me, Shanghai has just courted me.

One Response to A 2nd Visit to Shanghai

  1. Xiaowei says:

    Great to see those lovely photos,  u will ve a greater, exciting n excellent venture up there in ya near future. Dun be such a worrier, u will be a better, stronger person when u are there. Take heeds… U r blessed with so many frens supporting u, nothing much to fret about other than ur health.. dun eat too much supper n clog up ur artileries too much. U ain’t young any longer, gotta take greatest care of ur body before its too late. No joke about that bro, no health, no wealth…jus eat healthy when u are there.

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