Teleported to Magical Dragon’s Treasure (Macau City of Dreams)

With more than 6 hours to spare before our show, Taboo, I decided to visit the Panda Park in Macau. Tracy and I decided to take the local bus as it was difficult to get a cab during the Chinese Golden Week. Unfortunately, that was the wrongest decision we made that day. We missed our bus stop and alighted at some remote location of Macau. Unable to get a cab, we ended up walking 2km back to City of Dreams.

Since we had no fate with the pandas, we decided to catch the award-winning 360° “Dragon’s Treasure” show at City of Dreams Bubble Theatre. We paid MOP$50 each (Free ticket for every MOP$200 spent at City of Dreams). We entered one of the world’s largest projection dome theatres (measuring 27m tall, 40m wide) and it was free standing format so audience can walk freely to watch the 360° projection show.

It was a very entertaining and unexceptional 3D projection show! Fantastic audio and visual effects! Throughout the 18-min show, the audience were teleported to different magical worlds of dragons. Worth every cent and expect 100% multi-sensory experience! A must visit for all new visitors to Macau.

2 Responses to Teleported to Magical Dragon’s Treasure (Macau City of Dreams)

  1. This does feel like I’m an Avatar or the giant squid in Harry Potter perhaps. But really, a Macau trip’s going to be worth it with this. It’s definitely awesome! Do we have this in Singapore?

    • Wahbiang says:

      I am not sure if we have this in Singapore. But no.. Don’t fly to Macau just for this… There are more to explore. If you are coming, do spend a few days around Macau – Zhuhai, Hong Kong

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