Love Life with Randy

My 93rd visitor,
Randy Ang is one of Singapore’s very creative and charming "not-so-young" men. He was my course’s top graduate back in 1999. And one of my 4 hyper-creative founders of Caffeine Creative.

While I have switched from my "creative suit" to the "dark suit" in the corporate firm, Randy pursues the "out of the world" works. He has accomplished many "unconventional" works. And truly, he never
fails to surprise me. With little film-making experience, he has produced some remarkable films and great arty movies. Indeed, Randy is one of the most versatile creative directors around. From print to film-making, he explored many uncharted roads. A very inspiring and spontaneous character – one who with lots of puny humor too. (He is a naturally media-magnet and we used to call him the "media-whore"!) From Singapore to Shanghai and now in Hong Kong, I keep seeing his works!

Of course, I am not going to write or brag about his biography here. It is too early for this golden bachelor. Well, he was complaining about me "neglecting" and not giving him enough "love" during his last visit in Jan. I hope to redeem myself with this blog. And hopefully, to hook him up with one of my pretty blog readers here. (Yes…he is still available! For short period only!)

Here are two of his very recent works which he has directed and produced. (LOVE LIFE is showing everywhere in HK now!) Enjoy.


Post Script: (Randy – So, can I do one karaoke session with Jay Chou alone? Please…. I promise it is the clean karaoke type lah…. and I only bring a few friends…maybe 10?)

2 Responses to Love Life with Randy

  1. mok says:

    Can i be included among the 10? … dirty karaoke type also can :p

  2. miCki says:

    JOE…i wanna to GO…(JAY CHOU Karaoke session!!!)

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