A Big Wahbiang Birthday Gathering

Today is the seventh day of Chinese New Year
, also known as “renri” 人日 (Human Day). The Chinese believe that this is the day when Man was created. So, it is everyone’s birthday today! (Well, according to some Christians, Adam was created by God between the 6-8th Day). This is also the original day when Yusheng (鱼生), a popular Singapore festive dish is tossed (lo hei 撈起) for good health, wealth and prosperity.

Today marks a very special day for the Wahbiang Clan too.
Today, we celebrated Yifu’s belated 36th birthday. It is also the actual 4th birthday of Issac Chen (Gareth’s second son). Thanks to all, this is our largest (and most expensive) Chinese New Year gathering since 2005! The dinner was very lively, noisy and messy! (It was like a wedding dinner – starting from 7:45pm to 11pm – we have late-comers, smoky cake walk-in, 10-course dining, hongbaos etc)

The boys were a nightmare – many times, we have to use “Gareth” (our very own “Gargamel”) to tame the boys. Elkan and Jacob pulled another unexpected prank – this time on poor Yixi. They peppered (yes pepper!) an innocent-looking “Pocky White Chocolate Stick” and gave it to Yixi to eat! (When we left the restaurant, the two boys were making a chili drink quietly at the side! Darn boys!)

In total, we have a total of 16 adults and 9 kids tonight!!!
(absence: Joanne, Juliana, Duuk, Wendy, Tracy and MC Family). Imagine if we have the full clan present, that will be a total of 35 people! Our clan has indeed prospered and expanded over the years! (Yes, we should book a private ball room next year for our gathering! Wait a few more years, we can organise a tele-match for the families!)

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