It’s a Great Great Movie

I was never a fan of romance comedy or 40-60s oldies. It’s just not my genre of movies. I always think such movies are cliche with the same old boring story lines and cheesy jokes. I always prefers the big blockbusters – original storyline with powerful special effects (like Avatar or Inception). Well, I was damn wrong about these 2 great movies.

非誠勿擾 II (If You Are the One 2) and 大世界 (It’s a Great Great World) are two great movies not to be missed! One reveals a satire of love, life and death, the other traces back the “simple yet heart-warming lives” of those who lived in the 40s. Both movies reveal the most beautiful and vulnerable sides of Man and his complex relationship with his loved ones. Simple plot but compelling story telling. These movies moved me so much (to tears)… prompting me to re-look my own priorities in life. Must watch!

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