Flying Colours at the Marina Barrage

We haven’t seen our good friend, Kendrick since 2005. Last Saturday, Kendrick bought us dinner at Citylink and played “tour leader” for the night. He was thinking hard where to bring us. He listed down many new places for us to pick and choose. Finally, he named one place that was “new” to both of us – the Marina Barrage.

It was a long dark winding road to the Barrage. On our way there, Kendrick told us that we can “fly kite” at the barrage. I took it literately as a local slang for “doing nothing”. When we arrived at the Barrage, we saw many colourful lights floating in the night sky. He was right – people do come here at night to fly kite! There were a lot of people there that night! Like a pair of “sua-ku 山龟”, Felicia and I were really amazed by the beautiful flying lights! Wow! This is awesome! (Shame on my Wahbiang buddies, the barrage has been opened since 2008 and none of them brought us there!)

This is a perfect spot to view the new and old skyline of Singapore – be it during the day or at night. While we were there, we can see lots of constructions at the new Singapore Downtown. The Singapore Flyer, the Marina Bay Sands, the skyscrapers at the Raffles Place CBD and our Esplanade are just so beautiful. This is a great place to chill out – spacious, windy and quiet!

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