Day 3 – Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise)

Life is perfect here in Gold Coast. The golden coast, the sun, the white powdery beach, the blue sky and the luxury living space. It was worth the torturous 15-hour bus ride. This is a near-perfect “lazy man’s / bummer’s vacation” – laid back, hot babes and lots of food. No wonder we saw so many over-weight Australians chilling out here.

Thanks to Felicia and Meijie (who did the booking for all our accommodations for this trip) – They got us a cool place at the tallest building in Australia, Q1 Tower. (Yes, Q1 Tower is the tallest building in the photo above. Q1 is the world’s tallest residential building and also the world’s 20th tallest building. Q1 stands for “Queensland 1”.) Located along Surfers Paradise and facing the golden coast, Q1 offers pretty big service apartments. For someone like me who has been all squeezed up in small tight pigeon hole in Hong Kong, you can imagine the excitement in me when I first stepped into the 200sqm 2-room apartment. We will spend 4 good days here in Gold Coast! Plenty of space to relax and roam around!

Elkan loves the beach! He was so excited about the beach and he dragged me out last evening. For 40 minutes, he was like a monkey out of his cage. He was jumping, kicking and rolling around. I was worried about the big choppy waves. There were a few times when I have to run into the water to drag him out. A little over-protective but it is always better to be safe than sorry. There was no “BayWatch” and some of the waves were as tall as him.

For the rest of the day, we were out shopping and dining at Surfers Paradise – Gold Coast’s Shopping Precinct. There are a lot of shops and restaurants here. (We saw many tourists from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong). Gold Coast is great for its surfing, theme-parks, beach-life and wildlife. Certainly not shopping and dining. They aren’t cheap. A plate of asian fried noodle cost us AUD$20. A soft-pack of Ribena cost AUD$4! Most souvenir shops are operated by the Chinese and they carry the same old boring stuffs. I wish they offer something new so I don’t bring back the same Aussie gifts that I bought 10 years ago.

Later in the afternoon, we visited the bizarre world at Ripley’s Believe it or Not” Museum. It is a small museum of mutants, freaks and many uncanny characters. Many of these “unbelievable stories” are “old/stale news”. I feel the Ripley’s Museum has lost its charm and novelty. It need to inject more new cases, new adventures / marvels and more exotic displays to entice new visitors.

4 Responses to Day 3 – Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise)

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  2. dochan21 says:

    how do you lay out pics so nicely? mine is horrible

  3. girl girl & cookie yi po says:

    wah elkan seems to be enoying himself tremendously!! my last visit to down under was like in primary 6. also very long ago! have fun!

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