A Jar of Love – Possibly the World’s Longest Valentine’s Day Card

No words can ever describe the emotions I felt when I opened this special jar of love. This Valentine’s Day, Felicia made me a very special gift. It is an extraordinary card like no others. Awaiting the verification by the official Guinness Book World of Records, my wife may have possibly made me the world’s longest Valentine’s Day card ever!

Painstakingly and devotionally , Felicia created a 20m-photographic card of our love journey. Each metre represents one year of our togetherness. 2013 marked our 20th Anniversary. From our very first photo taken in 1993 to the most recents ones taken during our last Christmas Europe holidays in Dec 2012, Felicia digitally arranged and stitched every photograph chronologically. From our schooling days to my army days, our wedding days to parenthood, from Shanghai to Hong Kong – every chapter of our lives unrolled right in front of my eyes. Inch after inch, photo after photo, both us sat quietly on the bed, rewinding and reliving the best moments of our lives. If only we can measure the length of love we travelled, 20 metres will never be enough. I will never forget the words Felicia wrote at the beginning of the scroll. It says, “Love Begins…when Bobo loves Jojo”. This will be one scroll we will be extending year after year, inch after inch.

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