Will you marry me?

Photo taken: Harbour City Pier, Tsim Sha Tsui – Last Friday night, I was out with my ex-architectural classmate Shuying and her mum (143rd & 144th HK Visitors) when we witnessed a marriage proposal. A man dressed as a mascot (小叮当)was posing with strangers at Harbor City Pier. A group of girls came along and posed with him. Out of the blue, the mascot turned around, held a bouquet of roses, kneeled down and proposed to one of the girls “嫁给我吧!”. A light-hearted stunt that took the girl by surprise. The on-lookers cheered for the man. Of course, she says “yes”. A very bold and creative wedding proposal. (I was about to get my friend to pose with the mascot. Good thing we didn’t disrupt his plans.) Below are some of the best wedding proposals on youtube. Enjoy.


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