Jojorazzi at Hong Kong Park

This afternoon, Harshad, Tracy and I went to Hong Kong Park to test our new toys. Tracy’s dad and I just bought our new gadgets – Canon 5D Mark III. It took me 4 years to upgrade from my first D-SLR Canon 50D to the current collection. Thanks to my faithful and very supportive friends (Selena, Danielle, Wenxu, Joanne, Tracy and Echo) who shared the loads off my previous cameras and lens. I managed to upgrade and grow the collection slowly and steadily over the years. Looking at all past posts on my blog, I see big improvements to the photographs taken. This is one convincing “valid” excuse I am going to justify to my wife about my constant mindless splurges on these expensive heavy gadgets. (Almost there… just left with 2 more prime lens!)

There were lots of shutterbugs at the park. Hong Kongers are very passionate and crazy into photography. There were lots of professional hardwares (top gears) here. I can see Tracy starting to get hooked into it too! She totally immersed herself in the shoots. For once, she was so serious – other than playing “Candy Crush”. I told Harshad she might not pass the new toy to her dad. It is a great toy respectable hobby afterall!

And guess who we bumped into? We saw our colleague Stephanie and her friends at the park. She tried to run and hide her face from my lens. Sorry, it was a paparazzi lens and gotcha even at 20m away, Stef!  Hahaha…you can run but you can’t hide! (Oops, Stephanie was still awake at 1:30am when I posted this! Stef…I did offered you a nice portrait shot, you denied me hor!)

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