The adventure continues… (New Videos & Photos)

Our adventure didn’t ended the moment we came back to Hong Kong. In fact, it continued with quite a fair bit of drama.

First, we discovered we had left a luggage in London! Incredible, none of us realized that until we were back at home – 22 hours later! At first, I thought it was an unimportant bag with all the dirty laundry. I told Felicia that we can afford to lose that. It was only after a night of unpacking when I realized all my expensive gears were in that missing luggage! Amazingly, it was a big luggage and all of us simply missed that! It took us a long night to trace back its whereabouts. In the end, we had to trouble a colleague to hand-carry it back to Hong Kong for us. At this very moment, it should be in the air, on its way back to Hong Kong. Lesson learnt: Travel with lesser luggage bags in the future!

Second, Felicia and Elkan received a big and unforgettable surprise New Year Gift at Changi Airport. Well, they spent their New Year Countdown in the airport’s police station. Apparently, Elkan’s plastic toy gun resembled one of the banned firearms and Felicia was prosecuted for bringing in the restricted item. Elkan was so terrified by the experience that he broke down in the station. Not bad for my boy who received his 2nd police warning letter before he turns 10! That must be the first police report of 2014! They weren’t the only ones who spent this very unique countdown at the airport. My mum, auntie Amy, Lionnel and Joey shared their unpleasant New Year day’s experience outside the arrival-waiting hall. I apologised for this dramatic night.

Let’s hope these 2 are the final closures to our little European adventure. What an amazing and dramatic trip we had – from the 1st minute to last! Enjoy our final travel photos and videos here!


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