Team Hiking @ Scenic Maclehose Trail

Hiking season is back. Saturday’s weather was fantastic and I spent the entire afternoon with my lovely colleagues at Sai Kung Country Park. I was at the same Maclehose Trail 4 years ago with Felicia, Elkan and Harshad.  The only difference was we spilt the 12km-trail into 2 weekend sessions. My colleagues were so fit and we managed to complete the entire 12km (including 3km uphill and downhill) under 4 exhausting hours. Even my CD’s 7-year-old boy and another colleague’s pet dog were able to complete the trail effortlessly. This was my longest Hong Kong hike ever! I was stretching myself close to 95% mark. At the end of the trail, my thighs were cramping and my knees were trembling. Despite the long tormented hike, It felt good, satisfying and very healthy. Guess I have to walk more this season to catch up with my health.

The Maclehose Trail was indeed a very popular course with many local hikers – both young and old. We saw many runners along the way. They were taking part in the 2-day “Vibram Hong Kong 100km Ultra-Endurance Race”. These participants were jogging past us. They made our strenuous hike looked so easy.

Our 4-hour hike took us to some of the most beautiful and scenic coastal sites of Hong Kong. We walked past 2 beautiful unspoiled beaches, small streams, ancient forests, reservoirs, a small village by the beach where we had really yummy food and a couple of old eerie looking abandoned houses.

Enjoy our beautiful hiking photos below. Hope to do another with my team soon!

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