Wahbiang is here!

My best friends from Singapore flew in last week! 6 days, 4 adults and 3.3 kids (plus 6 heavy packs of grass jelly from home), we had so much fun together! It was food, food and more food! These Singaporean visitors can really eat, walk and shop! My happiness index went up and so was my weight.

Arrived 3 days earlier before Juliana and family,  Tracy and I greeted Joey and Lionnel (with a little baby inside) at Zhuhai last Saturday. I gave them a “brother-forbidding”, intimate, fulfilling, mind-blowing and stimulating delta-cities tour (Shopping in Zhuhai, circus-watching in Guangzhou and clubbing in Dongguan). 3 days, 3 cities, 3 hotels – it was indeed a crash-course tour for the couple.

On Tuesday, Juliana and Duuk arrived with their princes. The young boys were so captivating and disrupting! It was fun seeing how Juliana and Duuk parenting their 2 active boys. The young kids brought so much joy, noise and mess to the gathering! They are so much fun to be with and I started to miss my boy Elkan at this tender age. It was so comical to see Duuk walking the little boy on a leash along Causeway Bay (the Hongkies gave Duuk that disgusted stare). And not to mention how grumbly and demanding shopper-Juliana can be. Enjoy the instagram moments.

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