What’s my job?

My family and friends don’t really know what I am doing. They probably thought I am doing designing and drawing. My titles and the new company name (the world’s biggest activation company, Geometry Global) will definitely confused them.

It is really not so difficult to understand the essence of my job. I build relationships. In a simpler illustration, my job is like a match-maker and a marriage consultant. Helping 2 entities to connect in this messy world of distraction. No one likes being left on the shelf and that is my job to sell them so they get picked up by the right onlookers. Many connections ended up loyally for a long time while some were simply short-term affairs.

It is such a colourful job of image building and seduction. It is all about creating desirability, sensorial experience and ultimately, the big satisfaction. I get to dress my subjects, teach them how to communicate and even change their personalities to hook the right suitors. It is about creating the right impression and maintaining visibility. The formula is simple: Out of sight = out of mind. I have to teach my subjects how to extend dialogue and draw their suitors closer. Now, with the help of social media, I am able to fix appointments and create more opportunities for them to connect online. Strange but true, many relationships were successfully hooked up due to the recommendations and acceptance of their trusted friends.

To do all these successfully, I have to be culturally sensitive and to be able to speak in multi-languages. I have to understand the traits of different nationalities – what tingle the Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Koreans, Singaporeans and the Hongkies? What triggers them and what’s not. Trust me, these customers are demanding and come with different expectations. I have matched and hooked up different nationalities – the English to the Chinese, the Scottish to the Koreans and more. Some customers like it cheap while some like it pure and authentic. Many prefer the popular-cum-pretty-looking ones while a few would ask for the very old ones. Best of all, most of my subjects offer 30-day money back guarantee and full replacement for strained relationship.

Man, now I start to think I am a mamasan papasan. A very important one indeed. In fact, I am more important than the “Mad Men” as I am there to ensure Mr and Miss Right meet and to fall in love. This job can be tough, desperate and sticky and I do get complaints for unsuccessful consummations.

So, if you are having any relationship troubles and are left on the shelves, you know who to look for. It is my job to make you shine! I can sell anything as long as you aren’t empty or rotten inside. Spilt-personality freak. Don’t worry, I can fix that too. I have a good team of award-winning papasans and mamasans.

Well, what’s my job? I am a Precision Activation Expert in shopper-trade-experiential-digital-promotional-channel-retail-marketing. Still confused? Stick with Papasan then.

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