Last Action Conquest – Langkawi

Langkawi – This will be our biggest and last Action Conquest. A total of 26 Action Heroes conquered the northern island of Western Malaysia. A perfect mixture of work and fun with great people, perfect weather and loads of chaotic fun and incredible moments!

Day 1 – The flight to Langkawi was bumpy and dreadful. The plane struggled badly in the stormy weather. David announced officially that he will not want to travel with me on the same flight anymore. After his last Shanghai trip and including this one, David is so certain that I am cursed with typhoon and rain.

Thankfully, all of us arrived safely at sunny bright Langkawi. We had a sumptuous welcome dinner at a local Thai seafood restaurant. Most of us had little sleep the night before due to the “Pitch Bitch Contest” that we have to present on Day 2. I had only 1 hour of sleep in the past 48 hours, I was so lethargic that I misplaced my iPAD. Thanks to Harshad and Alwi, they managed to locate the bus driver and returned the iPAD to me.

Day 2 – It was Pitch Bitch Day. All of us arrived at the conference room in white translucent tight-gay-looking mini-tees. I hated the choice for this year’s attire – the slim tight fitting cut certainly didn’t look good on my fat body. Worst of all, I received many rude stares from other hotel guests when I was wearing this attire. The ambigram logo spelled “Pitch Bitch” but most people read that as “Bitch”. Imagine 26 of us walking around in the resort donning this “Bitch” tee, I bet the onlookers were puzzled which notorious organization or triad we represented.

“Pitch Bitch Contest” was intense and very educative. We learnt a lot from one another. The stakes were high and every one put in their heart and soul in this exercise. The winning team gets to win a 3-day trip to attend the SpikesAwards 2013 in Singapore. The judges (Subu, David and Danny) gave very honest and insightful comments to our ideas and presentation skills. The overall standard surpassed what David expected and we did generate some awesome good ideas. Congrats to Paul, Kelly and Olivia for winning the first prize and Harshad, Tracy and Marlon for taking the 2nd prize!

After the intense contest, we hopped onto a boat where it took us on a sunset dinning cruise along the strait. There, the judges announced the results of Pitch Bitch Contest and we “invited” the winners (Paul, Olivia and Kelly) to tryout the Ocean Jacuzzi. It was a terrible experience for the trio as they were attacked by jellyfish just minutes into the water. A sizable jellyfish stung poor Paul and Kelly. It was a comical sight to see Paul jumping out of the water. Only when I saw the big red swollen scars later, I realized this was no joke.

The cruise was smooth and very relaxing. We saw showering clouds at the horizon, rainbow over distant hilly islands and mesmerizing sunset at twilight. No work, emails or deadlines, we found ourselves happily immersed in this beautiful setting – BBQ dining, drinking, chatting, cheering, laughing and photo whoring. Simply awesome, this was one of the best programs of the itinerary.

Later that evening, a group of us went out for some causal night shopping and supper.

Day 3 – Island Attacks! We were grouped into 4 coloured teams to conquer 3 islands and 9 mind-blowing and body-breaking challenges. Flag signalling, leopard crawling, canoeing, tray-balancing and swimming – some of these games were a lot tougher than the ones I did in Phuket. “Chaotic Harshad”, “Lazy Marlon” and “Bossy Joe” didn’t have any chemistry. Despite having one of the most disorganized and chaotic team members, we won first place (thanks to our wit and some magically influence)! Surprise, surprise! David wasn’t pleased about the results. His team lost to us the last time in Phuket!

Burnt and half-broken from the morning “Island Attacks”, we took a nice relaxing dip in the swimming pool before the finale dinner. There, we attempted some awful underwater team photo. It didn’t turn out well. For the least, beer drinking by the pool was great. Food feeding by the pool was even better!

At dusk, we had our finale dinner at a nice pavilion restaurant by the ocean cliff. There, David presented all the awards and prizes to the winning teams. I managed to “spot and steal” the grand prize (which is an iPAD Mini) in the lucky draw. Unfortunately, I confessed to my “crime” and gracefully gave it away to Chowpo who helped to organize this marvellous trip for the company. Harshad and Alwi were punished to dance for their late appearance. A great night for the deserving winners and wonderful bonding time with the newbies!

Day 4 – Time to say goodbye. The group spilt and flew out separately. A group of us flew to Kuala Lumpur for a day trip while some stayed on in Langkawi and a couple returned to Hong Kong.

Day 5 – Kuala Lumpur was short but good – I met up with my old Malaysian friends (Hong Fei, Sherry and Josephine) and cousins (Lita and Jacqueline). Thanks to my Malaysian relatives, I got to feast all my favorite local dishes! Best of all, I managed to convince Kelly to take a bite on the durian! Just hours before departure, Phylis and Chowpo parked themselves at a very deluxe Jojoba Spa while poor Tracy, she is still nursing a bad tummy at the Hong Kong hospital (as I type), possibly due to an overdosed of durian-cocktail.

What a great rewarding time in Malaysia! Time to make my way to Singapore for another short stopover for an important presentation and quality time with my family and friends.

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