The Taste of Family

“The best thing in life may not be the most expensive one. Like the animation “Ratatouille”, it is the reminiscing of one’s fondest memory that completes the perfect taste of that signature dish. It is not made up of the best and most expensive ingredients but it consists the “taste of pure love” which touches our hearts.”

That was what I wrote back in 2008 (See blog) after a CNY lunch at my old auntie’s house. Over the past 5 years, I travelled a lot and been to many great restuarants. But nothing come close to the taste in my heart. I miss those home-cooked dishes that my late granny and mother used to serve at home. There are 2 particular dishes which I have so much craving – my granny’s“Mee Swa Kor” (Ah Mah Mee) and my mum’s “Mushroom Yam Rice”. This trip, I specially came back home to learn these 2 dishes from my mum. (I tried my best to remember the steps – mum was super fast in the kitchen!) These are not the expensive dishes you find in the restaurants but there are something in the taste that brings back the fond memories of my good old family days in Singapore.

5 Responses to The Taste of Family

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  3. doreen says:

    my dear…. you come to sh… i cook for you both dishes…. you poor thing.

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