Wahbiang Party at “Hotel 25”

After 5 long years of closure, “Hotel 25” (my 3-decade-old flat at block 25) opens its door tonight for an exclusive Wahbiang Party. This is the first time I step into my old apartment since I left Singapore back in 2006. Thanks to my gentle and wonderful tenants, the apartment is very well-maintained. This place brings back lots of memories. From my early childhood in the early 80s to my marriage in 2000 and then fatherhood in 2004, I have been living here for more than 3 decades – first with my parents and now with my wife and son.

Since I left Singapore, we have been renting this place to expats and young couples. I didn’t have any chance to stop by and take a look at my apartment. I am lucky this time as my last tenants just moved out recently and we are still shortlisting new potential ones. The apartment will be vacant for 1-2 weeks. I decided to invite the Wahbiang gang over for a “nostalic gathering”. (Our last big gathering at Hotel 25 took place in 2004 – that was Elkan’s Baby Shower party!). Most of them miss this place too. What a great place to gather all of my buddies for a small party on my last night in Singapore.

We have a big turn-out tonight. 80% of the Wahbiang Clan were here. It was an extraordinary messy, crowded (and noisy) and hot gathering. The adults were suffering from the stuffy air. (Our main aircon broke down). The kids were running and screaming loudly, terrorizing the poor neighbors downstairs. After a few “knocking” warnings, my neighbors came up to my apartment and banged the door. Thinking it was my tenants who were making the noise, she yelled at my guests. I quickly walked to the door to apologize. It took her 2-3 seconds to recognize me. The moment she realized it was me, her “angry expression” disappeared instantly. She was embarrassed about her hostility.  In an unexpected twist, my neighbors apologized and told us to continue with our party.

I would like to say a big thank you to those who turned up tonight. Thanks for your time and efforts…there were a lot of food and drinks (and please remember to spank your naughty kids for terrorizing the peace). We also welcome a new (young and pretty) member in our clan – JOEY – Meijie brought his new girlfriend to meet the clan members for the first time. I hope she enjoyed her first gathering with us (Yixi was pretty mean to her in the Q&A)…and hope to see her more often in our future gatherings! Thank you guys for making this place so full of life again! I guess it is one night that my neighbors will remember for a long long time.

One Response to Wahbiang Party at “Hotel 25”

  1. doreen says:

    very very heart warming joe… nice. thanks for sharing.

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