Good Morning, Goodbye

It is never easy to leave my family behind to make a living thousands of miles away. Especially when goodbye is the hardest word to say.

Unlike my past Singapore trips, this trip I spent my last day at my own apartment – a nice cozy space which was designed by Felicia and I ten years ago. This morning, I woke in my old apartment with Elkan sleeping sandwiched between Felicia and I. It was a very strange feeling. The last we slept here was back in May 2006. Elkan was only 18-month old and he slept in his little baby cot. He is so tall now! My old folks were right – “children do grow up fast!”

I didn’t have the heart to wake my son today. He is always breaking my heart (or the other way). I left my home in a rush as I made a mistake in my flight timing. I left the apartment with Felicia waving behind me. (and later by the window when I boarded the cab). I looked up at my apartment and waved goodbye.  Just like the old days except this time, I am taking a plane to work and I won’t be back for another 1 month. Felicia was a little disappointed not able to send me off at the airport.

It is a beautiful day today. Blue sky and a warm sunrise. The last few days have been more than great. Absence does make the hearts grow fonder. Only if we make time for the ones we love.

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