Meet Our 90th Visitors!

This week, we welcome our 90th Visitors from Malacca! Meet my cousins-in-law Ben, May, Ammie and nieces and nephew Bryan, Veron and Adeline! Not forgetting Elkan’s favourite Poi-Poi and aunties-in-law! 

It was a tiring trip for most of them. Not from the shopping and walking – but the kids! Really, it wasn’t a good idea to gather all the kids together. The kids were okay when they were left alone…but when you put all of them together – it was Typhoon Rascals! They transformed into uncontrollable monsters, terrorising every one in the group. Lucky for me, I only need to face them for a short while. Elkan was the Ring-Leader and got the other innocent kids into trouble. They left destruction everywhere – running around on the MTR, playing hide-&-seek in the retail shops and toppling vase at the hotel lobby… Casualties? 3 adults (Felicia and mum lost their voices) were down with illness and my backache is haunting me right now.

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