Brother 风 is here again!

3 times cannot be simply mere coincidence. For that, I must say my Brother 风 (Gareth) is jinxed. The first time he arrived in August 2008, he brought his typhoon (No.9) girlfriend “Nuri” with him. The second time he returned in April 2010, he brought thick fog that blanketed the whole of Hong Kong. This Mid Autumn weekend, he returned with a big bad bunny – Typhoon Usagi (means Rabbit in Japanese).

Thanks to my jinxed brother who thwarted my perfect plan, we have to cut short our weekend holidays to returned to Hong Kong. My last flood crisis in Guangdong cities was terrifying and I do not wish to repeat the same terrible experience. We managed to catch the early train back to Hong Kong this morning to avoid the flood. Thankfully, we made the wisest choice. Super Typhoon Usagi is the largest storm in 34 years.

The Typhoon 8 signal was hoisted at 7pm. Since we were all being house-arrest, I dragged Brother 风 out to get a feel of this “money-cannot-buy” experience. Armed with 2 weak umbrellas, we braved the streets and piers to “catch the wind”. Honestly, the typhoon wasn’t so strong. At 8pm, the streets and IFC Airport Express were eerily empty, it was like walking in Zombie Land. We weren’t the only crazy ones on the streets. We saw many photographers and tourists at the edge of Victoria Harbour, enjoying this unique experience.

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