Brother 风 is Here

We received our 14th visitors today! Mr GUO风 and gang visited our house today. Thanks to his other girlfriend "Nuri", we need not go to work today. What a holiday gathering for all our us – we are now stranded indoor, enjoying cable-TV while Typhoon Number 9 is brewing right outside our window. (In fact, the "eye" just entered Hong Kong right now!)

At lunch time, all of us decided to "go out and face the typhoon". Braving against the strong winds, we walked briskly to the restuarant. The adults were cautious but the kids were screaming in estascy. In fact, I think the kids did more damage than the typhoon. They screamed, they ran and they made a big mess! Haaa…


Nevertheless, the typhoon was quite an experience for us. Later this evening, we went out to explore the city. It felt like the 1st day of CNY – most of the big shopping centres and shops were closed (only the faithful CircleKs, 7-Elevens and fast food joints were open). We roamed the streets – looking for signs of "life". Hong Kong was like a dead city tonight. I have never seen such an empty Causeway Bay at 7pm. Nathan Road was quiet too.

It was a frightening night. We saw many trees uprooted…fallen billboards and cracked glass everywhere. Finding a good place to eat was very difficult. We managed to squeeze into a small "HK Cafe" for our meals. During our dinner, a billboard outside the cafe came falling down and dust flew into the restuarant. Thanks goodness, no one was hurt. At 815pm, we made up our minds – to go home and stay indoor. Typhoon can be fun in the beginning but it posed too much inconvenience and dangers for the people in Hong Kong. There were just too many "booby-traps" hanging above your heads.


On our way home – it was a 300m walk from the MTR station to our house – THAT WAS A SCARY WALK. Our usual pavement was blocked with fallen structure. We took another route and saw many fallen trees. Worst, the heavy rain and wind obstruct our senses. That was certainly the scariest 300m walk home. We stopped every few steps…waited for the wind to weaken before making another dash.

Now, the storm is brewing outside. And the "eye" is still in Hong Kong – heading for Guang Dong. Man, I like an off-day Typhoon…but hated the dangers that lurk above us. This is when "Advertising Kills" their target audience.


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