48 Years Later….


(Photo Taken: JUSCO, Hong Kong)
– We managed to catch the final minute of the historic table tennis finals between Singapore and China. Seating and standing around the LCD Showroom, there were a lot of Hong Kongers watching this match. One old lady in the crowd said "This is China’s greatest sport. Singapore has no chance to win gold." True enough, this was a 1-sided match…with China winning all 3 frames. For Singapore, it is not the "gold" that we are aftering…it is the break of a 48-year wait. (Our last Olympic Medal was won 48 years ago in Rome). Silver is already a big bonus for us – it is our 2nd one after almost 5 decades.

Hovman said "Singapore didn’t win the medal. They bought it". I can understand his sentiment. You see, Singapore didn’t really create these winners..we imported them. Nevertheless, I see it as a very successful Singapore-China investment. Funny, we always have different perceptions about the Chinese in our country… Yet we owed a couple of great Chinese ladies imports to fulfilled our 48-year old dream. Truly, Li Jiawei, Wang Yuegu and Feng Tianwei earned this night! They have worked very hard and it is their dream too. This will be their eternal glory to remember – not just for themselves but for Singapore.

Now, we have the imported talents and winners. It is time to grow and nurture our own "Made-in-Singapore" winners. Bring back the "Ang Peng Siong" and "Tan Howe Liang" of yesterdays. They were our true Singapore Champions.  Let’s import the expensive "retired and celebrated champions" to train our young. (How about pretty Guo JingJing – she said she will retired after this…) We got to start creating our own legends – and not some "big ass empty talk of Goal2010". (Man, we should shame Minister Ma for putting up a goal and not achiving it!). Oops… I am not suppose to mix sports with politics.

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