Belated Gift for Meijie

Normally, I don’t call Meijie oveseas.
And he knows – when Joe calls, it is always about "computer trouble-shooting". And yesterday, I called Mr IT Heng on his birthday. Instead of wishing him "Happy 33kg!", I bothered him with some stupid MS Vista upgrading questions! Haaaa… I even get him to surf the internet for me. I bet Mr Heng was excited to hear my voice yesterday…and he may be thinking that I am going to give him that "birthday greetings"  Haaa…to his disappointment and horror surprise, Mr Joe didn’t even wish him anything and "disappeared" the entire day! Not until Mr Joe and gang reappeared 1 day later with their most beautiful "birthday song". Yeah, Felicia, Elkan, Tracy and myself sang him a song this morning over the phone!
Of course, this song isn’t good enough for my best friend. And I am giving him an air-ticket to visit us in Hong Kong (with 1-month expiry)! So, Mr Heng, better make up your mind soon…cos’ this offer and gift is "while Joe lasts!" Come bro!

Thanks to Joanne…she is my Guest Blogger today. Here is her words and photos! Enjoy.

We had a durian feast last nght….wow…its the most expensive durians i have ever eaten..$200 for 4 durians…but it taste really GOoOOOD!

Really shiok and tasty. I am sure you will like it… as what juli said.. "Yi fen xian, Yi fen huo"
The gathering was great….we had japanese food… a braun buffel wallet for the birthday boy (he requested for it).
We spend a total of $600 for his bday. A simple celebration but a memorable one.
Yixi shared with us about his new job…oh man…he is like a doctor interesting and unbelievable.
He is clinical sale consultant….and he assist the doctor in the operation. wow…you wont believe it.
Well, wish you and feli can join us for our next gathering soon. We miss you guys much..
Enjoy the photos i took for you. 🙂 I am sure you will miss home.

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