A Teary Goodbye

I am not feeling fine today.
Don’t know why, I feel like I have so much weight inside me. And I have no idea what’s wrong with me. Or I just hate departure.

It was an uneasy day for my little boy. He knew my family is leaving today…and we are going to the airport to send them off. He was brave throughout the journey. And when he saw Qiqi at the airport, he forgot about the reason why we were here. Both of them just took each other’s hands and ran around the airport.

When it was time to say goodbye…Elkan broke down at the gate, crying "I want to go back to Singapore with Qiqi…" Heard Elkan’s cries, Qiqi walked back slowly (from the gate) and offered Elkan a hug. It was a very difficult moment for all of us. Seeing my boy cried like this…it somehow echoed the same words and feelings I had for my families at that moment. (except we adults like to self-regulate our own emotions, not expressing them as free as a child).

I saw Felicia wiping away her tears. And I was hiding my teary eyes behind the camera. Guess all 3 of us were feeling the same sadness – can’t bear to see our families go. The last 4 days were "so blissful". For a very long time, we have never gathered like this. 9 of them came – with lots of noise, buzz, laughters and the "nags"…but all lovely presence. For that couple of days, I thought Hong Kong is Singapore.

Sigh….hate the way time flew…leaving us with so little moments…only to relive and savor all these great moments in own minds.

Miss you guys. Really. Thanks for bringing home so close to our hearts.

2 Responses to A Teary Goodbye

  1. miCki says:

    OH my… is that Elkan??? He is so big now… Handsome (lucky don’t look 100% joe) boy… wah… can see times is really slipping away without our knowledge… and kidz are the one who tell us… so do treasue everyone around you before you know… they may be gone… and gone forever…
    do take care… really miss those days that we had fun together…
    when are u coming back to organise again???

  2. Chester says:

    did touch me to read your entry too…
    glad all of you enjoyed yourselves…
    would love to be there if not for school and classes… 😐

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