9th August Reunion – Day 1 & 2

While millions of Singaporeans were gathering to celebrate our National Day back home,
I was celebrating the 9th of August with the reunion of my family in Hong Kong.
(Yes, they are my 5th-11th visitors!) Leon flew in from Xiamen and the rest of
them arrived after their 3-day trip in Taipei. What an exciting weekend gethering!
Especially for Elkan, he was so excited to see his favorite uncle Leon and
grand-auntie Amy. Oh yes… and his super-active accomplice “Qiqi” – whom he misses so much. 

This is a very very special trip for my family. For the first time in our family history, we are all abroad together! Other than our annual CNY trip to Muar, we have never traveled overseas together. Back then, all four (mum, dad, sister and myself) of us traveled separately on our own. This time, we have all 8 of us here in Hong Kong. Mum and dad were extremely happy and excited. And making this even merrier, we have the company of our all-time favorite auntie Amy and family (Benny and Leon) – it would be perfect if Chester is here with us.

They will be here for 4 days and will depart Hong Kong tomorrow (12th August). So far, this reunion has been very fulfilling and special for all of us. These are the whys:

1) It is my dad’s and mum’s first trip to Hong Kong (and my very very small house!)

2) It is Leon’s first trip at the Peak! (Despite his numerous trips to HK)

3) It is our first visit to Disneyland (who says it is boring? It is worth the visit! Every corner is a surprise!)

4) It is my first face-to-face meeting with my 3 pretty HK “chua” cousins! And we celebrated our HK Aunt’s birthday too! Just found out that Xue-ni and Elkan shared the same birth date! (I left with 1 more “chua” cousin to meet – he is now based in Canada).

5) It is Leon’s first meeting with Qiqi! (She is not as crazy as Elkan over Leon)

6) It is my first 5-consecutive strikes in bowling! (Score jumped from 64 to 181!)


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