This Night in Beijing

A magnificent night indeed!

888 marks a very special date in Chinese’s 5000-year history. Like its auspicious numeric characters, the Olympic Logo symbolizes the unity of the 5 continents – instilling virtue, respect, peace, glory, equality, compassion, unity and grace to all citizens of the world. Tonight, China not only opened its door to the world…but she also opened her heart to many.

I have had great expectation of tonight’s Olympic Opening Ceremony and China didn’t disappoint me. Zhang Yimou did such a fantastic job! It is awesome! The cultural performance is beautiful, enchanting and spectacular! It shows a China in transition – from its great ancient inventions to its modern achievements. The theme song "You and Me", performed by Sarah Brightman of Britain
and Liu Huan of China
atop the Globe is touching. It demonstrates China’s willingness to embrace the world as one "big family".

Being a Chinese, I understood the "face value" of a host nation. While the world took on this global stage and threw wet blankets at the Chinese, her people stood strong as a nation. That is certainly remarkable. Despite the recent ugly PR (of bomb scare, Tibet riots and human rights issue), I feel Chinese displayed much better grace and tolerance than its ugly superpower counterparts and self-righteous individuals.

It was a memorable night. Not about its mega-buildings and big fireworks. Or the medal tally. But the grace, humbleness and openness that China displayed. Every iconic display signified important message to the world. Conveying Confucian idea of humanism, that is, "Harmony is precious" – the thousands blossoms of peach blossoms romantically demonstrates the good wishes of the
peace-loving Chinese people. Chinese’s 800 year-old martial art "Taiji" connects the balance between man and nature.

China is a compassionate nation who didn’t forget those who suffered in the recent disaster – Yao Ming walked into the parade
with a 9-year old boy beside him – he is the survivor and young hero
who rescued many of his schoolmates during the Sichuan earthquake – enduring his own injuries.

Despite her superpower status and unprecedented economic success, China pays tribute to her past. True to its rich Chinese values and virtues, China honored many of her past sport stars. Retired sportsman, Li Ning (age 45, more commonly known as the "Prince of Gymnastics" and his Nike-lookalike "Li Ning Sports Shops") took the centrestage last night. Defying gravity, Li Ning ran horizontally around the stadium and lighted up the flame cauldron! (Man, like the flying stunts you see in Crouching Tigers, Hidden Dragons)

At that moment, the TV commentators exclaimed in awe "China is finally ready for the world".

I disagree and I questioned, "When will the world be ready for China?"

The foundation of our world is not built on the heritage laid by our forefathers but on the legacy of our children. The leaders of China clearly understood this.

As wise Calvin said "Fear not the power of the rich but the hunger of the poor." Respect China. Honor China. Do not fear China.

One Response to This Night in Beijing

  1. Calvin says:

    I m not wise. I just observed thing of another aspects. Let u know my personal point of view as following:
    – Abt te Count-down performance at the very begining of ceremony, I tot it’s only Chinese would like to use their hands to implement that simple LED mechanism, in expressing our humbleness for the welcomed guests.
    – It’s only Chinese can organise and make those enormous footprint fireworks happened. Think about the job, those firework stuff had to be allocated and loaded precisely over the whole city scale. No wander, there’re top restricted traffic ans security controls in the past few days, because the bangalores were everywhere.
    – Just a joke, why is Chinese stock markets still weak? i guess every performances spent a lot of money, in terms of hardware (exslim LED/LCD, EL, wiring, firworks, etc.) and software (interactive projection program, stage managing/n.b. almost every performer is under command of the system by micro-earphone..)

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