Gareth’s Farewell Dinner at Hong Kong’s Shun Kee Floating Restaurant

CNN headlined this place as Hong Kong’s most buoyant dinner and The Guardian Post rated it as one of the top 10 seafood restaurants in Hong Kong. Thanks to Chowpo’s recommendation, we celebrated Gareth’s farewell dinner at one of the most unusual dining spots in Hong Kong! Extinct for more than a decade and returned in 2011, Shun Kee Floating Restaurant offers an authentic and rustic dining experience! Best of all, it serves great tasty sumptuous seafood! Even the most picky and harshest food critic like Gareth, enjoyed the dishes.

Hidden at the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter, we took an underground tunnel below Excelsior hotel to the pier. A cluster of tiny floating dining boats were docked less than 20m away from the pier. Each boat can carry up to 12 diners. There is no need to share boat with different people so you get complete privacy with your guests. There is a minimum spending of HKD1080/boat for a set dinner for 2 and it can easily triple up to a few couple thousands for a bigger group. Diners must make reservation before coming as there are limited boats.

While at the pier, we waited for our own exclusive dining boat. 2 boat-women rowed the boat by the pier and we were seated on the dinning table. The boat-women rowed our boat to the floating kitchen where all the other dining boats were tied to. There, we met the chefs and watched them in action! Surprisingly, the boat wasn’t rocking or swaying too badly. The only time when the boat swayed violently was when I walked around to take photos of the surrounding. The dining boat offered a great view of Victoria Harbour. Breezy, dim and quiet, we had a great time on the boat. I had a great time watching the chefs in action on the floating kitchen and saw how the waitresses served the dishes crossing from boat to boat.

The verdict? If you do not suffer from any sea-sickness and a seafood lover, I would strongly recommend you to try out at this unique rustic floating restaurant! Forget about the touristic, not-so-authentic and pricy Jumbo Floating Palace at Aberdeen, Shun Kee’s seafoods are just so irresistible fresh and tasty. You must certainly try its iconic dish, the 避风塘 crabs! I bet this blog is going to generate lots of dinner requests from my friends and families! Yes, as long as you treat me, I am always happy to bring you there and be your best dining photographer!

Phone reservation: +852 8112 0075 (Cash only). Website:

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